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Monday, July 2, 2012



רק החושך
ואף לא אחר
מחבק אותי
כנחש את החולדה
או כאהובתי את העובר שאני
מחובק אני
על ידי
רק החושך
ואף לא אחר

-ליונה וולך, חיפה

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lemoness, who reshowed me who it is I really am, when I had sort of forgotten...that even be I a poetaster of the most disastrous malverse and ode-ing perverse, still by nature, as much as an observant Jew as I will ever be, by Mitzvah, I am and always will be also a "tortured Poet" by temperament---thank you S***y Le******, Kibbutz Kvutzat Yavne, Israel, 2011-12/5772

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AMO'Sh & Sylvia (a student of mine)
Shenyang, China
Winter 2011
Sylvia called this "Your Handsome Picture"
Blah. Hahaha.

I have successfully unicycled from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, to Singapore, a rich-a%$ islandopolis that happens to be country, too. It was a grueling trek. I am currently in Delhi, India and got shots unicycling with the Taj Mahal in the background at Agra. When I recover from this illness of the gut, I will try to get the pictures and "treatises" posted.

AMO''Sh Out.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Under a Tight Malaysian Hold

I have been unicycling for 3 days now, starting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia---near the central bus station. Somehow I made my way out of the city and unicycled along the highway breakdown lane until the 265 KM mark to Johor Bahru, the city across the water from Singapore, and my penultimate destination on this leg of the (U)nicycle tour---from around the 327 KM mark in KL. The "Polis" spotted me and kicked me of the highway, the E2, at the Seremban exit. I wandered around Seremban aimlessly for what seemed like sun-scorched years, fearful the cops would trouble my progress again. None of the "town roads" appeared to be well enumerated and I nearly lost hope, plopping down near dogs in a remote highway underpass. Finally, walking along with my packs and my unicycle, I accidentally reached Route 1, which is rural enough that I can legally ride. I was most overjoyed.

My Aunt Brauna, Uncle Marc, and mother have very kindly decided to benefact me some funds to get me to Israel upon hearing of the recent heinous theft. Heinous because it was so "innocent"---carried out through the fingers of a child. I am much indebted to their kindness.
But they are family, it feels weird to talk to formally about it. Though it is the truth.

I unicycled down Route 1 through very rural areas, through Pedas at night (because there was no civilization where I might rest from jungle beasts lurking among the great palms looming over the road in great shadowed phalanxes of lurking hushed inner jungle hysteria), Chempau, Rembau. The next morning I continued to where I am now---Tampin. There are about 267 Kilometers to go until Johor Bahru. Now to save money, I'll find some town cave to doze in, like the ubiquitous awning'd bus stops along the rural routes. Soon we're to meet the Sabbath Queen once again and I will rest from unicycling and writing phenomenological notes and poetry on the rural Malaysian road side for a day and night.

This is AMOS''H. Out.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blast! I've been Done! Blasted Thou O Thai Beast, Rear Thy Stegosauratic Tail Of Base, Filthy Filchery!

Sadly, a young fellow in Bangkok, Thailand seems to have pickpocketed my bag of $900.00 at a net cafe and right under my nose. I was later going to wire and deposit the amount, but stopped to update this very blog ere getting to that.
This is a clip of me unicycling in Burma (What's Myanmar?) where photography and filming is strictly forbidden for foreigners. So, I had to do this surreptitiously and swiftly to avoid having my camera confiscated or being imprisoned as a state security threat---well, at least that way, I would get to stay in Burma for longer than the one-day visa curently oh so generously and openly allows. Foreigners are not permitted to stray beyond 5 KM out of the border town Kaw Thaung across the Kraburi River from Ranong, Thailand. There are said to be special permits available, but they costly and are frequently rejected, even after they have been already "approved". What is Burma hiding? The fact there is still a vibrant, living, mythos'd, mourning Burma hiding in the interior of the impoverished, rotting, crusty, oppressive shell that is Myanmar? May HaShem soon shower freedom on the Burmese and liberate them from the Mitzrayim* of "Myanmar".

AMO''Sh Out.

*"Egypt" in Hebrew
This is a clip of AMO''Sh in the home of Muslim Burmese fellow who invited me in off a steep dirt alley on the side of a hill to watch "Bruce Almighty" and drink a cool glass of water. April's End 2011.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My (U)nicycle "Mirkevet HaMetutelet HaHofkit", lonely against Angkor Wat,
Outside Siam Reap from whence I unicycled,
Cambodia, April 2011

Filling Up The Tank at the Gas Station
April 2011
Rural Cambodia