Thursday, August 6, 2009

'Amosh in his study' by Masha.

Amosh in his study.


Welcome to AMOSHIMASHA. We are a small, dedicated team of artists, writers, and worldwatchers posted at international locations, devoted to bringing to a wide and diverse audience base our newest major project: Visions of Planet from the (U)nihovermobile*. This great undertaking will include a unique literary travelogue accompanied by real world photographs and romanticized sketches, along with third party commentary and input.

The writer: Amosh, also known as YaKhaBa''Sh/יחב״ש.

The artist: Masha

The Consultants: "Bassio" and "Dereau"

Contributors: TBA

Amosh in Chinese flatlandsIn February of 2009, Amosh will embark on a tour almost exclusively by unicycle, taking him on a single little turning wheel from one end of Asia to the other. Currently living and working in Manzhouli, China, Amosh will go by train and bus to Vietnam via Lao(s). The unicycle tour proper will begin here, at Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon. The tour will continue all the way to The Mediterranean. The full tentative itinerary will be posted very soon, so stay tuned and don't go away. We say 'tentative' because the exact tour itinerary will be partly determined by fans of and contributors to AMOSHIMASHA and the (U)nihovermobile* project.

Along the way, Amosh will update his progress across the continent, with accounts of his adventures, lands pedaled through, people met, and things learned. These accounts will comprise written entries, photographs, and video clips. Masha, from a remote location, will provide visual commentary on the former. "Bassio" and "Dereau" along with fans and contributors will provide articles, commentary, consultancy, and other deciding input as the tour and project progress.

Three levels will characterize the tour. The first level is that of purposefully visiting locations which have traditionally been hotspots for human rights violations and crimes against humanity; and to make righteous and deep connections with the peoples, cultures, and places there and in between. The second level is that of 'Aliyah by unicycle. The third is that of a mystical artistico-literary quest and collaboration, pitting likes and opposites in style against each other in an arena of utterly wowing syncretism and dazzling reperceipt of the world around us. While this may sound banal and unpromising now, as the project unfolds, all will become clear and understood.

Please stay with us as we make preparations to launch this exciting and ambitious undertaking.

This is Amosh of Amoshimasha. Out.