Sunday, March 13, 2011

The China-Laos No-Man's-Land
at the border crossing at Mohan & Boten, March 2011; I had finally reached Laos after a decade of dreaming it---for it began as a childish bet between my brother Joel and me when we were young, back in Lorton, Virginia, choosing the farthest away and unlikeliest place we could think of;
10, 000 dollars if I make it there by age 26 (which this year I just happen to be) or before the age of 26, I can't remember. Joel says that we agreed on 5,000 dollars, but we lost that pencil and paper "contract" years ago. Anyway, needless to say it was only a rivalrous joke between brothers; and needful to say, I came to the Lao PDR for my brother Yoel.