Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feb. 2011, Beijing Sam MiDrA''P and AMO''Sh, Two damned good friends; He and I helped each other out in Brotherly ways, from Manzhouli to Shenyang to Beijing those two years and 3 months I lived in China. I wouldn't've madeit without him. Truly, a Mensch is my boy Sam. -Writing from Cu Chi, Vietnam; a local mother and son who own a roadside hammock-filled outdoor canteen helping me out, letting me sleep the night for far cheaper than I would in a guesthouse---in fact for about a dollar or two. I have been unicycling and walking the Route 22/AH1 from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Moc Bei since this morning. Many amused local Vietnamese on "Hug-mobiles" (motorscooters---so-called because the passenger hugs the driver, holding on for dear life) cell phone-filmed me unicycling along the roadway alongside wet watery fields of greenest herbal blade and water buffalo wagging their great horns, sniffing wildly at the air. They were giggling profusely, smiling so joyously, their eyes bright. If nothing else, I am glad to break the spell of boredom. Remind them of a wider world---just as they do for me. AMO''Sh Out.